Bifolding door in your garden office?

Garden office buildings are becoming ever more popular, as they offer an ideal working space that combines the beauty and serenity of nature with the comfort of being just outside your home. With more and more companies agreeing to flexible working hours and employees choosing to work from home, garden offices are being seen in […]

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Add Value to your Property with these Home Improvements

December 10, 2021

Are you thinking of making some improvements to your home? Before you invest valuable time and money on a project, you should carefully consider which upgrades will really add value to your house in the long run.

Here are three options for you, that will not only make your home nicer, but will also instantly increase your property’s value.

Create Kerb Appeal

First impressions count, and your home’s first impression lies in its exterior. For example, if you are considering replacing your entrance door or patio doors, at Hello Doors you will find strong, secure, thermally insulated, as well as visually appealing doors. In addition to that, you might consider choosing a new colour palette to unify the appearance of your walls, windows and doors. A few changes like this can add significant kerb appeal to your house front, making all the difference to the way visitors look at your house!

Add Double or Triple Glazing

Are you thinking of selling your home? According to estate agents, adding double-glazed or triple-glazed doors and windows will increase the value of your house and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Even if you’re not considering selling, double and triple glazing will help you save on energy bills, while providing great sound insulation and security. For all these reasons, replacing your doors and windows is definitely an investment that will benefit you greatly in your everyday life!

Add more natural light

Last but definitely not least, as lighting can really make or break a room. If you want to make your house look brighter while also giving the feeling of more space, flood it with natural light! The best way to achieve this result is through Bi-folding doors, which give you the option of transforming an entire wall into glass, for fantastic views and light levels.

Did this article help you decide on your next house improvement project? Here at Hello Doors, we offer you a wide range doors that are ensured to increase the value of your property. For more information on what we can do for you, contact us on 020 30316543, or email us at – we’re happy to help!

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